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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Reviews by Teen Summer Readers! 
Each book reviewed earns 2 entries in the Raffle at the end of the summer.

Teen Summer Reading Book Review - 2017
The Lost And The Found  by
Cat Clarke    

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I read the book, The Lost and Found. This book was amazing. It was about a young girl named Laurel who was taken when she was 6 years old. Laurel's sister has been looking for her. Then, magically 13 years later she was found on the lawn where she was taken from. "Laurel" had been through a lot. Then, "Laurel" took over her sister's boyfriend. Then "Laurel's" sister finds out it isn't really Laurel. It was a young girl named Sadie that was also kidnapped by the same person. Laurel had died in bed and buried in the backyard. This was a sad story, but I would give this a 10/10 Points.
Fiona Galvin
Grade 10

Divergent by
Veronica Roth   
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Once you are a certain age you are put into one of five sections. The main character Beatrice was tested to see what category she would be put in. When she got the results back she was told she was qualified for more than one section so she was divergent. There ends up being a War and Beatrice's
Mom was killed and her leader was on to her about being divergent which was bad because she could have been killed if she was found divergent.
Deirdre Galvin
Grade 9

Joseph Stalin by
Janet Caulkins     
Product Details
The first book I read for the Westwood Library's Summer Reading Program was a book about Joseph Stalin, a biography to be clear. It was written in 1990 by Janet Culkins in Connecticut and has a few very interesting historical photos, The book changed a few of the ideas I had about him and the Soviet Union. I learned that he was a lot worse than I thought he was, I always thought he was horrible but I learned more and it showed me just how horrible he was. He was a key part in the 1917 revolution and he even became part of the Politburo, he had built up hatred in him from college and life as a peasant in Georgia.
He seemed quiet and harmless, but once he won his quarrel against Trotsky, he took power and began his terror. He killed about 20 million people in total. He even let his son Yakov die in a German Concentration Camp and then proclaimed, " I have no son named Yakov". He also made prisoners of war that were taken by the Germans be deported back to the Soviet Union and then killed, because of "treason", so he was bad to say the least! One man who summed Stalin up perfectly was a biographer named Isaac Deutscher who said, "He found Russia equipped with a wooden plow and left her equipped with atomic piles."
Review by Greely

Friday, July 14, 2017

Richie’s Picks
CROSSING EBENEZER CREEK by Tonya Bolden Product Details

“The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars were the gift you gave
To the dark and the endless skies my love
To the dark and the endless skies
-- Ewan MacColl (1957)

“He was drawn to her, like a river to the sea, the minute he saw her emerge from the root cellar.”

CROSSING EBENEZER CREEK is the tragic love story of Caleb and Mariah, a pair of young black Americans coming of age during the Civil War.

When the story begins, in November 1864, Union forces serving under General Sherman are arriving at the plantation owned by Callie Chaney. We meet Caleb, a young black man driving a wagon for the Union army and Mariah, who is one of the slaves owned by Miss Callie.

Callie Chaney owns Mariah.

I urge you to stop for a minute, look at some random person on the street, and really think about what it would be like to own or be owned by them, to be their servant and laborer 24/7, and to have to submit to any demand that he or she makes.

The Union soldiers arriving at Miss Callie’s “liberate” a bunch of livestock and valuables, and emancipate the slaves. Most depart with the soldiers to join thousands of others following Sherman’s forces across the South, dreaming of what they are going to do with their new-found freedoms. Mariah and her developmentally-disabled little brother Zeke are among those who leave and begin dreaming.

Caleb is smitten from the moment he lays eyes on her. As Mariah gradually gets to know the kind, talented, and hard-working Caleb, she comes to rely on his material and emotional support. There are a few intense days in their growing friendship when Jonah, a former slave who grew up with Mariah, jealously notes Caleb’s attentiveness and tries to stake claim to her. This compels Mariah to acknowledge that she has real feelings for Caleb and say no to Jonah.

It is during this time that we learn Caleb has grown up a free black in the South. And while Mariah wonders about the differences in their backgrounds, slave versus free, Caleb educates her (and readers) by explaining how being black and free was like walking a tightrope. White men constantly demanded to see your papers, and if you were caught without them you’d be up on an auction block getting sold off in the blink of an eye.

It’s easy to see how this relates to current-day America where any Hispanic-looking American can be stopped by ICE for no reason and, if they cannot immediately produce papers, be locked up and thrown out of the country. It also reminds me of how many Americans are still subject to being beaten, jailed, or even killed for the crime of driving while black.

Fortunately, Mariah and Caleb are under the protection the kind-hearted and morally straight  Captain Galloway. Unfortunately, as we gradually learn, there are racists among the Union soldiers.

CROSSING EBENEZER CREEK features exceptional storytelling and character development. It’s the most heart-wrenching story I’ve read in years. The final chapters slammed me as if I were being cracked in the head with a two-by-four, and I followed up by reading about the little-known historical event on which the story was based.

Two percent of the entire American population died in the Civil War that was fought over the future of slavery in America. From the perspective of a kid learning about slavery and the Civil War, it might seem like ancient history. But it isn’t, and America isn’t yet “over it.”

CROSSING EBENEZER CREEK is a tale that you need to read.

Richie Partington, MLIS

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Latest graphic novels added:

Yvain, the Knight of the Lion / M.T. Anderson ; illustrated by Andrea Offermann   
                                    Product Details
Eager for glory and heedless of others, Sir Yvain sets out from King Arthur's court and defeats a local lord in battle, unknowingly intertwining his future with the lives of two compelling women: Lady Laudine, the beautiful widow of the fallen lord, and her sly maid Lunette.

Buffy the vampire slayer omnibus / Joss Whedon            Product Details
v. 1. Reprints Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike & Dru #3; Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the origin #1-3; Buffy the Vampire Slayer #51-59 -- v. 2. Reprints "Angels we have seen on high"; originally published in Reveal; Buffy the Vampire Slayer #60-63; "MacGuffins", originally published in DHP annual; Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike & Dru-the Queen of Hearts; Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Ring of fire; Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike & Dru-paint the town red; Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the dust waltz -- v. 3. Reprints Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1-8; Buffy the Vampire Slayer #12 and 16; Buffy annual 99; Buffy the Vampire Slayer: play with fire --

Joyride. Vol. 1, Ignition / script by Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly ; art by Marcus To           Product Details
Earth sucks. The stars have been blocked out for so long that people have forgotten there was anything else besides the World Government Alliance watching over them. Uma Akkolyte is a girl who shoots first, leaps before she looks, and is desperate for any means to leave her planet behind. And so she does. When Uma jacks an alien spaceship and punches through the stratosphere she sets forth on an adventure with an unlikely crew who are totally not ready for all the good, bad, and weird the universe will throw at them.

Decelerate blue / Adam Rapp ; artwork by Mike Cavallaro            Product Details
A girl who thinks the rapid-fire, hyperkinetic culture of the country is counter-productive, is recruited into a resistance movement where the mode of survival is taking things ... slow. Herein lies a dark, breath-taking new vision of an all-too-possible future for America.

Another Castle. GrimoireAndrew Wheeler           
Product Details
Princess Misty of Beldora longs for a more exciting life, but gets more than she bargained for when she is captured by Lord Badlug, the ruler of the neighboring kingdom of Grimoire. He intends to marry her and conquer Beldora, leading the land into ruin and chaos. Together with the long-suffering citizens of Grimoire and a certain bumbling prince, Misty must fight to protect her kingdom and free both realms from Badlug's tyrannical rule. Misty is determined not to be another damsel in distress ; instead, she'll discover just what it takes to be the hero of the story.
2 New non-fiction titles added:

Same but different : teen life on the autism express / Holly Robinson Peete, Ryan Elizabeth Peete, RJ Peete                                                                                               Product Details
Through the alternating stories of twins Callie and Charlie, their fictional counterparts, teenagers Ryan Elizabeth Peete and RJ Peete discuss what it is like for RJ as a teenager with autism and Ryan as a teenager with an autistic sibling.
Call number: YA 616.85 Peete

Girl rising : changing the world one girl at a time / Tanya Lee Stone            Product Details
Girl Rising, a global campaign for girls' education, created a film that chronicled the stories of nine girls in the developing world, allowing viewers the opportunity to witness how education can break the cycle of poverty. Now, award-winning author Tanya Lee Stone deftly uses new research to illuminate the dramatic facts behind the film, focusing both on the girls captured on camera and many others.
Call number: 371.822 Stone
New Teen Fiction:

Flame in the mist / RenĂ©e Ahdieh (Flame in the Mist, v.1)              Product Details         
After an attempt is made on her life, Mariko disguises herself as a boy and infiltrates a gang of bandits known as the Black Clan, determined to hunt down the person responsible.

The upside of unrequited / Becky Albertalli                 
Product Details
Avoiding relationships to protect her sensitive heart, plus-sized Molly supports her once-cynical twin, Cassie, when the latter has her own bout of lovesickness, a situation that is complicated by sibling dynamics and an unexpected romantic triangle.

Crossing Ebenezer Creek / Tonya Bolden        Product Details      
When Mariah and her young brother Zeke are suddenly freed from slavery, they set out on Sherman's long march through Georgia during the Civil War. Mariah wants to believe that the brutalities of slavery are behind them forever and that freedom lies ahead. When she meets Caleb, an enigmatic young black man also on the march, Mariah soon finds herself dreaming not only of a new life, but of true love as well. But even hope comes at a cost, and as the treacherous march continues toward the churning waters of Ebenezer Creek, Mariah's dreams are as vulnerable as ever.

A crown of wishes / Roshani Chokshi (star-touched queen, v.2)    
                                                  Product Details
Gauri, a fierce warrior princess from the enemy kingdom, avoids execution by agreeing to partner with Vikram, the Fox Prince, in a mystical tournament in which the winner will receive his heart's desire.

Lord of shadows / Cassandra Clare (The dark artifices,v. 2)            Product Details
Emma is torn between her passion for Julian and her need to protect him from the consequences of a forbidden romantic partnership, a situation challenged by her relationship with Mark and his efforts to regain his Shadowhunter capabilities.

Alex & Eliza : a love story / Melissa de la Cruz         Product Details
Before the world knew them as Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler, young Alex and Eliza fell in love amidst the turmoil of the American Revolution.

The gentleman's guide to vice and virtue / Mackenzi Lee          Product Details
Vowing to make his yearlong escapade across Europe his last hurrah before taking over the family estate, Henry "Monty" Montague and his best friend Percy find themselves in the middle of a dangerous manhunt involving pirates and highwaymen.

The names they gave us /  Emery Lord            Product Details
Lucy Hansson was ready for a perfect summer with her boyfriend, working at her childhood Bible camp on the lake and spending quality time with her parents. When her mom's cancer reappears, her boyfriend "pauses" their relationship, and her summer job switches to a camp for troubled kids, Lucy falters in her faith. Then long-hidden family secrets emerge. Can Lucy set aside her problems and discover what grace really means?

Crazy house / James Patterson with Gabrielle Charbonnet     Product Details     
 In a future world where teenagers are taken, imprisoned, and forced to fight for their survival, well-behaved Cassie will do whatever it takes to save her rebellious twin sister from Death Row.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Westwood Public Library Teen Scene shared Tricia Mullen London's album: Breakout / Escape Room.
On Monday, June 26th, Tricia Mullen held 2 Breakout /Escape Room sessions at the library. Everyone had a great time as they raced against the clock! Both teams finished with time to spare!
Tricia Mullen London added 24 new photos to the album: Breakout / Escape Room — at Westwood, MA Public Library.